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Real estate investment

Do you plan to invest in real estate?

Certainly you have made the right choice.

If you have already started investing, you will surely tell us that this is a very large topic. Choosing the most appropriate layout, location, level of equipment, status assessment or, for example, financing and risk insurance - this is part of the key issues that will fundamentally affect your future rental income and we recommend not to underestimate the process. For maximum return, all areas must fit perfectly together. Property is a great investment, but it may not always be the case.

If you want to make sure that your investment is truly secure and set to deliver the maximum possible return, you need to pay attention to it and we are ready to help you.


What we offer?

We are a Perfect Tenant, patron of your investment. We are not real estate brokers or financial advisors. We are not trying to substitute or replace them. The advantage and risk of these entities is that they are rewarded through commission systems and their recommendations often do not result from the real advantage of the solution for the client, but from their own interest. There are certainly high quality and fair partners among them, but today they are very rare, and when you are lucky, they are usually in just one area.

Most clients invest in real estate once in a lifetime and we have often heard from them that it was very difficult, time-consuming and often uncertain to orient themselves in the whole subject. They missed someone through the process from start to finish. Someone who will cover the entire process for them and with whom they could consult their investment with confidence. In response to the demand from you, our clients, we have decided to offer our long-term experience in real estate investments and related rentals.


The perfect tenant is your impartial guide and assistant throughout the investment.


Acquisition of real estate with emphasis on profitability

We select the property and negotiate the price, provide funding and insurance, including the administration and bureaucracy associated with the acquisition

Renting a property without worries

We guarantee rent every month including bonuses, property condition (controlling, insurance, maintenance, reporting). We will provide legal services and assistance within the tax return

Selling real estate safely and profitably

We provide comprehensive advice on sales, initial setup and further development of the price including administration and bureaucracy associated with sales

How it works?

We approach each client individually and listen to his needs. It is also very important for us to make this service available to smaller investors. So we will make an initial meeting to discuss your plans and our services. Following this meeting, we will prepare a proposal for a range of cooperation and conditions tailored to you and agree on further steps. You can contact us through the form below. We look forward to you.


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