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We recorded a large number of queries from clients, which were usually repeated. We chose the most common ones for answers below. But if you prefer talking rather than reading, be sure to call - we look forward to seeing you!

How does it work?

It's very simple for you. We will rent the apartment directly from you and occupy it with reliable tenants, which we also insure so you don't have to worry about anything. We only leave the apartment to the best tenants, check it regularly and take care of it as if it was our own. You have a guaranteed rent from us every month on the same day and in full, even if the apartment is empty or the tenant does not pay. We're just a Perfect Tenant :). By taking care of many apartments, we are able to work with costs very efficiently. Our employees take care of the apartments and we have negotiated above-standard conditions with our partners. That is why our service for the owners of the apartments is so financially advantageous and, in addition, thanks to us they have no more worries about renting.

Will you guarantee my rent, even if my flat is already occupied by tenants with whom I am already satisfied?

Clearly yes and it is common practice. In most cases, we can still send you the same amount of rent you were used to. We will just agree on the details and we will take care of everything.

How much will I pay for the service?

You pay nothing for the service. We will agree on the amount of guaranteed rent as needed. We will then increase the amount slightly and it is up to us to find a subtenant who will meet our high demands while paying the increased rent. Sometimes we find him immediately, sometimes we wait for him, but that's our risk.

Do you use booking.com or airbnb.com for renting?

No, we never make short-term rentals. We need to keep the apartment in excellent condition, we guarantee it. In addition, we are not capacity-adjusted to bring clean towels daily to each of the apartments :). You have a guarantee that your apartment will be offered and rented only to direct users in the form of long-term lease. It will never appear on any servers for short-term rental.

When can we start?

Virtually immediately. By default, the procedure is divided into two meetings, but everything can be solved during a single meeting, which in this case takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. We can't rush more. It is very important for us to explain the entire service in detail to make it clear and to pass on and document the apartment in order to guarantee you its status. Then you can start your guaranteed rent without worrying with the Perfect Tenant :).

When will you rent the apartment?

We believe very quickly. But everything is individual and depends on a number of factors, such as the location. For us, it is crucial that we pick only the best tenants. So it may take some time. But you can be absolutely calm :). You have already guaranteed the guaranteed rent from the signing of the contract and the payments are paid every month to your account with an iron regularity even for the period when the apartment is not occupied by a tenant.

How is the tenant selection? Who will live in the apartment?

Our tenant selection system is truly consistent and uncompromising. It is one of the main pillars of our service. Thanks to the experience and sophisticated system of finding tenants for apartments, we can guarantee the status and guarantee the rent every month. In short, we start with talking to talk to the person on the phone. When he passes through our subtle telephone screening, we meet him. We are interested not only in what job he has, why and how long he has been looking for housing, but also a lot of other questions that are unrelated at first glance and tell us what he is like. In short, we want to get to know him :). If the candidate appears good to us, we will still check it in the registers to make sure he has no debts or, in the worst case, execution or even criminal prosecution.

What if the tenant is otherwise problematic? For example, if he is disturbing the neighbors.

Thanks to the precise selection, this does not happen to us too much. Only the best will get into the apartment. However, if the tenant might violate the agreed rules or house rules, we try to remedy him. But if it is necessary, despite all efforts, we terminate the sublease relationship with him, eventually we help him move out of the apartment and look for a substitute. The condition of the apartment, the satisfaction of the owner and the neighbors are our priorities.

What if a tenant doesn't pay?

You have a guaranteed rent from us every month, regardless of apartment occupancy or tenant payment. So if he doesn't pay, it's our concern. That is why we choose tenants so carefully. But when it comes to non-payment situation, we primarily try to listen to their reasons and it and come to an agreement. Usually we succeed and after the first contact the debt is paid. But when it is really necessary, we terminate the contract, help him with the moving out, and collect the rent due from him by court.

Who checks the apartment and how do I know if everything is OK?

We guarantee not only the rental but also the condition of your apartment. Our staff regularly check the flat every half year. They check that everything is fine even if the tenant is living well. If anything needs to be dealt with, they get to work. You don't have to deal with anything let alone paying for anything. Everything is solved by your Perfect Tenant :). Every 6 months, we send you a detailed report with photos by email to assure you that the apartment is in the best hands.

How long will you take care of your apartment?

We usually conclude the contract for a period of 2 to 5 years and then extend it, but it is again up to an agreement. We can offer a special agreement with guaranteed rent for up to 15 years.

What if I need a flat before the end of the contract?

Life is sometimes unpredictable, and if there is a situation where you need the apartment back, you have a certain period of notice of several months. If you rush, you can agree on everything. It would be an unpleasant situation with an ordinary tenant, but we are a Perfect Tenant and we understand that the plans are changing :).

In what condition will I get my apartment back?

You will get the apartment from us in the same condition as you gave it to us. The apartment is under continuous maintenance, necessary repairs and painting. We take care of him as it was our own all the time, not only before handing over to you and we regularly send you photo reports. Sometimes we happen to return the apartment even in better condition. In short, we believe that you will also be satisfied in this direction :).

Do you guarantee rent for whole apartment buildings?

Yes, we also offer complete management and guaranteed rental of whole apartment buildings. The conditions are set individually in these cases.

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