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Why work with us?


Pleasant work
that makes sense

We help landlords get rid of worries and support our tenants. We deal with dozens of situations every day, with a smile or a kind word at the end. Thanks to this, we stay in a great mood and enjoy our work.

Advantageous conditions
and benefits

We can reward well for good work. We try to appreciate the work of all colleagues. In addition, we set the conditions motivationally from a long-term perspective. We all know what awaits us and what we have to do for it.


The company's success depends on each of us. We all contribute to our work and we are all original. So we try to approach everyone individually and adapt work to their needs, interests and strengths.

 Who are we?

A young and dynamic team and a pleasant working environment awaits you. We are a bunch that pulls together, and even if sometimes it is a lot of work, we will always fight it together. To help one another, to support one another and to treat one another with respect - these are the fundamental values ??we hold. 

And besides, after work we like to have fun and go for a beer .. sometimes for two :).

Pražský tým :)


Who are we looking for?


We currently have no vacancies.


Where to send a CV?

If you are interested in answering this question, we are very happy. We look forward to meeting you :).  


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