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The most common concerns of landlords

Unoccupied apartment

Owners normally complete dozens of guided tours with more than a month waiting for a solid tenant…

Unpaid rent

Average tenants will be late with payment 3 times per year and some of them will never pay the rent again…

Damage to the apartment

Wrecked floors and furniture, holes in the walls and messed up paintings. This is a frequent scenario after the tenant`s departure…

Our advantages

Guaranteed rent

You have a certain rent regardless of occupancy and tenant paymentsaa

Christmas bonus

We send all loyal clients a bonus of up to one rent.

Care of your flat

We insure the apartment and the tenant, with regular checks and we take care of maintenance and repairs.

Experienced partner

We are rental specialists with 7 years of experience and many satisfied clients.

How it works

Apartment tour and agreement

We will meet and agree on the amount of rent you need. Based on our experience and location, we may also suggest an increase to maximize your revenue. We will then add our costs to our rent and it is up to us to get a tenant.

Signing contract

We will prepare a standard rental contract that you will conclude directly with us, and together we will go through each point of it to make everything transparent and clear. We take care of all the concerns and risk from the moment of signing.

Carefree income

We send rent every month on the same day and you don't pay for services. We keep checking on the apartment and keeping it in good shape. We care for tenants and billing. Once per every six months, you will receive an e-report from us with photos and any maintenance information so that you know exactly what is going on.

Property recovery

When you need your apartment back, we will agree on the date of delivery. We will deeply check the apartment and clean it thoroughly. This way you will get your appartment back at least in the same condition as you left it to us.

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Rent calculation




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