Our advantages

Guaranteed rent

You have a certain rent regardless of occupancy and tenant paymentsaa

Care of your flat

We insure the apartment and the tenant, with regular checks and we take care of maintenance and repairs.

Experienced partner

We are rental specialists with 10 years of experience and many satisfied clients.

Loyalty bonuses

Besides fair rent we also have loyalty bonuses prepared for our clients

Also you will save over 50 hours
of your time per year!

How it works

Apartment tour and agreement

We will meet and agree on the amount of rent you need. Based on our experience and location, we may also suggest an increase to maximize your revenue. We will then add our costs to our rent and it is up to us to get a tenant.

Signing contract

We will prepare a standard rental contract that you will conclude directly with us, and together we will go through each point of it to make everything transparent and clear. We take care of all the concerns and risks from the moment of signing.

From this point on, it is all on us - worries, responsibilities and risk

Professional advertising

High-quality advertising is the basis, so we take professional shoots of your apartment and then advertise on the largest Czech real estate portals. In addition we invest in massive campaigns on social networks. Thanks to that, we find tenants in a very short time.

Guided tours of the apartment

Only those persons that are carefully picked during the first selection will visit/ have a look at the apartment. Usually there are more than 10 guided tours and many hours of time spent.

Tenant selection and review

Our tenant selection system is very consistent. It takes place in three rounds and is completed by the examination of the candidate in the registers (debts, police, execution ..). Thanks to our consistency, we can guarantee you the status of the tenant and guarantee the rent every month.

Sophisticated contract for tenants

Our contracts are handled by leading lawyers. If the tenant did not fulfill his duties after all, we have something to lean on. Usually it is not necessary, but security is certainty.

Home and tenant insurance

We insure every household and tenant well. Negotiation of contracts and communication with the insurance company in all possible cases goes through us, not through the tenant.

Control, Reminders and Payment Recovery

In order to guarantee your rent every month, payments from tenants are very important to us. About 98% of the tenants we choose pay reliably. Most of the rest will pay us the rent on the first call.

Repairs and maintenance

We take care of the apartment together with the tenants. There is maintenance, necessary repairs and painting. We take care for it all the time as it was our own.

Consumption accounting

When you get a bill from your vendors, just forward it to us and we'll get it done.

Regular checks and reporting

We check the apartment several times a year and check that everything is in order. Once per every six months, you will receive an e-report from us with photos and any maintenance information so that you know exactly what is going on.

Property recovery

When you need your apartment back, we will agree on the date of delivery. We will carefully check the apartment and clean it thoroughly. This way you will get your apartment back at least in the same condition as you left it to us.

How much does it cost

You don't pay us for the service. We will agree on the amount of guaranteed rent as needed. According to our experience and location, we may also propose an increase to maximize your profit. We will then add our costs to the rent and it is up to us to get a tenant. Sometimes we find him immediately, sometimes we wait for him for a while, but that's our risk.

Our service example


10.000 CZK


1.000 CZK


11.000 CZK

 Rent calculation

Your options of guaranteed rent

Each client is in a slightly different situation and therefore has different needs. It is crucial for us to ensure each landlord is contentment, receives from us a tailor-made attitude and, especially a functional service according to individual needs. To ensure that, we have 3 different cooperation models. Each has a lot to offer and you will surely find an option suits you the best. All options include full service and differ only in the amount we pay you if the apartment is not occupied.


Do you have financial commitments or do you simply prefer a secure income? In case you are looking for a guaranteed rent every month, regardless of whether the apartment is occupied or not, this option is just for you.


This a great choice if you are looking for a high income, but at the same time you want to have a guaranteed rent in case the apartment is not occupied. We always do our best to avoid unoccupied apartment, but if it happens, we pay you 50% of the rent + utilities deposit.


The variant is focused on your maximum monthly income. The apartment can be advertised for a higher price. In addition, our commission is the lowest of all variants. If the apartment is empty, we only pay you 1 CZK and utilities deposit.

Připravíme Váš byt na pronájem!

My nejsme jen úředníci, jsme opravdoví specialisté na pronájmy se vším všudy ! Pokud Váš byt vyžaduje před pronájmem technickou přípravu a Vy se jí nemůžete nebo zkrátka nechcete věnovat, rádi pomůžeme. V případě zařazení bytu do naší služby jsme připraveni pro Vás zajistit následující doplňkové služby.

montáže nábytku

výmalba bytu

plánování kuchyní

úklidové služby

patra na spaní

malé a střední rekonstrukce

The price of each apartment is individual and depends on many factors, such as location, size, condition or facilities of the property.

In short, our services pay off to the owners, so it is becoming increasingly popular and we are achieving better conditions from business partners. Because of this, the landlords earn a lot more from us than if they were renting by themselves. Every investment stands on numbers and therefore we don't just care about the client and his property but also of the good numbers. We guarantee high rents as well as regular and permanent payments.

Perfect tenant is a suite of turnkey services that fit together to deliver comfort, security, and high profit to all landlords.

Rent calculation

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